The Marketing Mix

Marketers are a curious bunch of people, in every sense. We have a curiosity about the world, the people in it and the best ways that we can position our products and services and communicate about them.

The past two decade have seen a revolution in marketing. From the moment that Google figured out how to monetise their ground-breaking search engine by placing ads at the top of the results, everything changed. Now marketers could reach their audience – right at the moment the consumer was thinking of buying a particular product. Since then an array of new digital channels have opened up for modern marketers to reach their audience.  

"Digital marketing has grown exponentially. From October 2000 when AdWords launched, it took just 20 years for digital marketing to surpass all other media, combined." 

It’s an extraordinary story, and testament to the nature of digital advertising: easy to activate, easy to track results. But behind this there is another story as well. The apparent trackability of digital can be beguiling, or even illusory.  While the costs of digital media have rocketed the attribution of results is sometimes suspect. Take the example of Adidas who realised in 2019 that they had over-invested in digital at the expense of brand. Their digital and performance marketing focus showed excellent short term results because they leveraged the excellent brand-building work that had gone before.

Print's Unique Effectiveness

Against this backdrop, we at Sappi would like to remind you of  the unique effectiveness of a physical piece of marketing – whether that’s a brochure, direct mail, a letter, a leaflet or a customer magazine – as a part of a complete omni-channel approach. Print reaches people in a way that no other medium can: consumed in a more leisurely way, lying on the breakfast table or the desk, or as a serendipitous arrival through the letterbox.

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Throughout this site, in our printed publications like Reach out and Touch, Lift Off, and Neuroscience, or in conversation with our experts, we’d like to help you to keep print in your marketing planning as a sure way to boost the ROI of your campaigns. Like the example of the e-Commerce company who got a 600% ROI by adding a physical catalogue to a digital-only campaign.

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The Sappi Graphic Papers Europe Marketing Team

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