The Sustainability of Paper & Print

Print and digital work best together in an integrated media mix that leverages the unique value of each medium. Sustainability is one of paper's unique values. Discover how you can make your media mix more sustainable with Sappi.  

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We responsibly source woodfibre with policies aligned with international forest certification systems and designed to encourage sustainable forest management.  

Renewable energy powers a significant share of the energy in Sappi mills worldwide. 

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The trees used for print products are a fully renewable and sustainable resource that capture carbon as they grow. Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world.

Print has a one-time energy cost but stores information forever without requiring additional energy to maintain like digital content – especially stored in the cloud.

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Paper is widely recycled at over 70% in Europe today, contributing to the circular economy. Paper and paperboard products are also biodegradable, in contrast to plastic.

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By choosing Sappi, you’re contributing to seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We all need to do more to create a sustainable world. Understanding the impacts – both positive and negative - of our choices is the starting point. 

For Sappi, making sustainable solutions is not just our responsibility. It’s an opportunity that we’re embracing to build a thriving world.

Let´s work together to make sure print is a responsible, sustainable and effective part of your communication mix!

A Closer Look At Sappi' Sustainability Strategy

Learn more about Sappi' sustainability strategy, resources and certifications here.

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