The Surprising Effectiveness Of Print – 8 Quick Takeaways

With an ever increasing proliferation of digital channels and content, how can marketers still reach and engage audiences effectively? One surprising answer is to add one of the oldest channels of all to your media mix: print. Here’s why…

Blonde woman reading magazine at home

1. Print is the place for content seeking to engage

Digital is great for metrics offering to measure engagement – from clicks to pageviews to likes. But how much genuine engagement does it take to double tap your Instagram feed and then swipe on to the next thing?

Print can offer its own engagement metrics – and here are a couple of good ones.

One in two people share adverts they read in magazines with friends and family. Eight out of 10 people have bought an item or visited a place after reading about it in a magazine.

2. We all still make time for magazines

Just because we’re all tied to our smartphones doesn’t mean people don’t still take the time to indulge in quality, long-form content – especially when it’s provided in print.

According to MNI, Baby Boomers read 9.2 printed magazines per month, Gen Xers read 9.1 magazines and Millennials 8.9. That’s very little difference between older and younger generations – suggesting magazines have an appeal that’s unlikely to wear off anytime soon.

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3. Younger generations want to unplug

According to a survey by Code Computerlove, the 16-24 age group spends, on average, three hours and 23 minutes per day on their smartphones.

But this hard-to-shake habit is something Gen Z-ers are acutely aware of, with many wanting to find ways to switch off. Almost two-thirds (61%) believe they and their peers would benefit from unplugging more.

There’s a strong appetite for print alternatives right there – just waiting for marketers to make the most of.


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4. Digital can’t compete with print on trust

Digital has a clear speed advantage over print – content can be published in just a few clicks. But where it can’t compete is trust.

According to a Kantar poll of 8,000 consumers in the US, France, Brazil and the UK, printed news magazines are the most trusted resource for news, followed by 24/7 TV news, radio bulletins and national newspapers.

If you want to build trust in your brand, why not turn to a media that’s already trusted?

5. Print holds the attention

Consumers make time for print media – 60% of newspaper readers do not consume any other media at the same time as reading their newspaper.

The coronavirus pandemic, meanwhile, has seen people find even more time for print – with time spent reading magazines up from 44 to 56 minutes a day.

6. Print offers consumers a unique experience

Almost half of magazine and newspaper readers agree that these channels offer them something that they can’t get elsewhere.

It’s no surprise that luxury brands, in particular, are capitalising on this – using print to complement their digital messages and enhance their reach to more affluent audiences.


news magazine

7. Print is a sustainable option

Today, brands and consumers alike are rightly conscious of the environmental impact of their choices.

Printed media in Europe is produced responsibly from well-managed forests – so making a crucial and increasing contribution to carbon capture. According to the UN, in the 10 years up to 2015, the total area of forestry in Europe grew by 58,390 km2 – an area greater than that of Switzerland.

8. Messages in print stay in your head

As a marketer, one of your objectives is to create brand awareness and recognition. To build a lasting impression with customers – so that they retain your messages – you should give them something they can explore by touch.

People value something they can both touch and see 24% more highly than something they can only see. Physical material literally seems more real to the brain – leading to greater engagement with the right content.

Which is what this is all about, right?

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