New guide for marketer’s has print as its star performer

Sappi is launching its latest print effectiveness publication – a guide for modern marketer’s that highlights “11 Ways to Get More from Your Marketing Today”.

As a demonstration of it continuing commitment to the future of print, Sappi is publishing a fact-packed, printed guide to help modern marketers make the most of a channel with a proven record of delivering marketing results.

11 Ways to Get More from your Marketing Today: the Marketer’s Guide to Marketing in Print brings together the latest research with expert insight, illuminating case studies and practical advice. It’s available in five languages – English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.


Across 40-pages, the guide gets under the skin of 11 modern marketing challenges – from sustainability to trust, from customer loyalty to turbocharging digital – to showcase a robust range of tried-and-tested ways that print can really help marketers maximise the impact of their marketing today.

As well as underlining Sappi’s continuing commitment to the future of paper and print, the guide aims to open eyes, challenge preconceptions and be of genuine value to today’s digital-first marketers.


According to Conor Evers, Sappi Europe Head of Marketing Operations, commented:

“By focusing on the challenges and problems faced by brands and marketers today, this up-to-the-minute new guide demonstrates how print can be an agile, effective component in the modern marketing mix.”


5 ways to get the best from the Sappi Marketer’s Guide

Sometimes your customers want proof that print can deliver for their own customers. Here are five ways to make the most of the new guide:

  1. Point to the research and data that makes the case for print. For example, did you know that print is seen as four times more trustworthy than social media? Or that brands can boost purchase rates by 24% simply by sending consumers a catalogue?
  2. Use the guide to help dispel common myths about print – show your customers how print can be a key part of a sustainable marketing plan.
  3. Use the guide to make the case for key print channels. Want facts and stats to back up the case for direct mail? You’ve got them. Want to show how magazines and brochures boost brand connection and customer loyalty? Open the guide.
  4. Make the case for print working as a valuable partner to digital marketing – the guide shows how to get the best from their teamwork.
  5. Keep it simple. The practicalities of marketing in print – from the role of a production manager to choosing the right paper and budgeting – can seem baffling to many, especially digital natives. The guide comes complete with its own mini guide to putting together a print campaign.
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