What Does Print Bring to the Modern Marketing Mix?

Discover five (out of 15) compelling reasons why print cuts through to customers with its unique power to persuade...

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Did you know these facts?

 60% of people check out a brand online after receiving a printed mailing, while 49% discover new products and 44% discover new shops 

Kantar’s 2019 IOPE tracking

Print mailings to customers have been shown to increase the average online order value by 12% 

2019 study by Deutsche Post

Nine out of ten people remember a brand after receiving its advertising in their letterboxes 

Kantar’s 2019 IOPE tracking

Campaigns that use magazines deliver a 161% improvement in customer acquisition

Magnetic’s Bridging the Long/Short-Term Divide: The Role of Magazine Brands in the Digital Era

When advertisers deploy 5% of their budget into printed magazines, this unlocks average improvements in ROI of 90% 

Magnetics Attention Pays: Optimizing for Profit Report


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