What a brand new global survey tells us about the future of marketing – and the surprising role of print

Revealed in a new Sappi/Kantar survey – the key trends marketers need to master over the coming 12 months  

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Key trends in marketing are highlighted in a new survey undertaken by global data analytics consultancy Kantar on behalf of Sappi.  

A total of 1,200 marketing specialists across Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the UK and the US were asked for their detailed opinions on what's next for best-practice marketing – with some revealing results. 

These results provide key data and valuable insights for marketers, publishers and brands – as well as pointing to compelling commercial reasons for investing in print alongside other marketing media. 

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Published by Sappi in tabloid newspaper format under the name A Glimpse into the Future of Marketing (And the Surprising Role of Print), the survey is analysed in a series of insightful articles that show marketers valuable methods and tools to help them: 

  • Boost the ROI on their marketing campaigns 

  • Make the most of the importance of trust to today’s consumers 

  • Run agile, responsive marketing campaigns 

  • Get under the skin of brand desire 

  • Understand the importance of purpose and authenticity to brands and consumers alike 

  • Make their marketing more sustainable 

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