Sappi Europe Sponsors ‘Quiet Ground’ Catalogue at La Biennale di Venezia

Sappi Quiet Ground

Sappi Europe is pleased to sponsor the catalogue of the South African Pavilion, 'Quiet Ground', at the 60th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia. This prestigious event showcases the best of contemporary art, and Sappi is proud to support the South African artists represented in the pavilion this year.


A Commitment to Elevating Artistic Narratives

As global leader of woodfree coated fine paper, Sappi aims to highlight artistic expression through the use of high-quality print materials. Our Magno Volume paper was selected for printing the 'Quiet Ground' catalogue to ensure that the haptic experience of the exhibition catalogue corresponds to the captivating visual and auditory journey of art, thereby emphasizing our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.


A Testament to Collaboration and Craftsmanship

The creation of the 'Quiet Ground' catalogue is evidence of the power of collaboration. Despite the challenges of tight deadlines and complex printing techniques, our partners at Raff & Cantz Druck GmbH in Germany executed the vision of the South African Pavilion with precision and care. The result is a catalogue that not only brings the artworks to life but also serves as a work of art itself.

Sappi Quiet Ground


Exploring Profound Themes

'Quiet Ground' is more than just a catalogue—it is an invitation to reflect on the political, social, ontological, and spiritual history of land and water, where the dispossessed reconnect with the earth. Curated by Portia Malatjie, Molemo Moiloa, and Nare Mokgotho of the Johannesburg-based artists, the catalogue explores how the dispossessed reconnect with the land and examines the cycles of loss and recovery in the various iterations of displacement.


Empowering Creativity Through Quality

At Sappi, we believe in the power of high-quality printing to enhance artistic expression and bring important stories to life. Our Magno paper, manufactured in Europe and valued by printers for decades, is the perfect paper to showcase the work of creatives worldwide. We look forward to sharing more stories of how Sappi supports artists and designers in bringing their visions to life.

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