High-impact, sustainable packaging for healthy organic snacks

Oxfordshire-based Wallaroo Foods had been searching for affordable, recyclable packaging for its dried fruit snacks. It found the solution it was seeking with Sappi Guard Gloss high-barrier paper.

Wallaroo Foods creates tasty, fun food for kids that’s nutritious and guilt-free. Sustainability and high ethical standards are at the heart of the company’s ethos, “to encourage young people to make better food choices by questioning where their food comes from, what it is made of and its impact on our environment.”

Wallaroo Tasting Bundle

The company works with small community producers in Africa to ensure that their organic fruit is grown with respect for the environment and guarantees a fair and sustainable livelihood for growers. This fruit is then dried using solar power in state-of-the-art drying facilities right next to the fields where it’s grown.


Packaging that lives up to the brand ethos

No surprise than that Wallaroo also wanted affordable, recyclable packaging that avoided the use of any synthetic materials.

Abhisek Kanoi_Wallaroo Foods

It was a difficult process for us,” says co-founder Abhisek Kanoi. “Even some of the best recyclable solutions we examined contained a large share of plastics – something we wanted to pare down to the absolute minimum.”

Wallaroo asked their label and packaging partner the OPM Group to help them find the right solution. OPM introduced them to Sappi’s Guard Gloss 4-OHG high-barrier paper.


Impeccable printing, processing and sealing results

Guard Gloss’ outstanding runnability, glossy premium look and feel and excellent processing properties quickly impressed.

Wallaroo Mango LS4 1024x1024 JPG

“Initially, we tested only one line with dried fruit such as mango and pineapple,” says Kanoi. “After three months of trials, the quality offered by the 91 g/m² grammage proved to be significantly better than all other materials we tested.”

“It not only prevents the package from popping open, but it can also be sealed using less heat, which saves energy during the process”.

Parminder Singh, director of Complete Packaging Solutions Ltd


An “aha” moment for customers

Wallaroo’s customers were initially sceptical about the sustainability of the packaging – due to its glossy, premium look.

“They were surprised to find out that the package is entirely paper-based. They experienced an ‘aha’ moment – especially when tearing open the package.”

Abhisek Kanoi, co-founder of Wallaroo Foods

Wallaroo now has ambitious plans to use Sappi Guard Gloss’ grease and aroma barrier features for even more challenging applications.

“We are testing the paper with naturally oily products such as roasted corn, beans and nuts, which usually leave greasy spots on paper,” says Kanoi. “If everything works out as planned, we will soon be introducing a new generation of pouches to our customers.”

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