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Sappi works together with printers to deliver value adding services as well as class-leading communications papers. Find out what we are doing to ensure a vibrant future for the print industry

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sappi and printers
The modern marketing mix
Print’s surprising effectiveness

Three publications to help marketers make the most of a uniquely adaptable, sustainable and effective medium – and one that offers consumers a deeper, more human engagement with brands.

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young woman reading printed magazine

60% of people

check out a brand online after receiving a printed mailing


Of print ads are noticed


Energy used at Sappi Europe mills was from renewable & clean sources (2019)
A responsible choice

Print and digital work best together in an integrated media mix that leverages their unique value while considering the environmental impact of each medium.

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The unique effectiveness of print

Of all the elements in a modern omnichannel marketing mix only one has a unique characteristic: a physical presence that your audience can touch and feel. Printed communications connect with people in ways that no other medium can emulate. Read more to find out more about why print needs to be part of the marketing mix 

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