When your brand seeks a truly unique user experience – a medium combining two until-now impossibly simultaneous sensory experiences in one. Raw is a premium coated paper that feels completely uncoated to the touch.

You want your brand to connect in a meaningfully new way. You want to elevate it from the crowd. You want your customers to be drawn into your brand through an ultra-modern, timelessly classic encounter.

When your brand seeks a medium that performs like no other – one that can make a whole new world of difference to your premium publications – Raw is the unique paper choice.

Raw is a high-quality, super-bright, coated paper that boasts the vivid colours and reliable print performance of a coated paper – at the same time as embodying the touch, feel and high whiteness/high bulk appearance of an uncoated paper.

RAW is the only paper on the market today that provides this previously impossible combination of features.

Two until-now impossibly simultaneous sensory experiences in one paper.

Two simultaneously rich routes to awakening the most memorable customer experiences for your brand.

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