Raw – take your customers on a whole new journey

Raw is a premium paper that feels natural and utterly uncoated to the touch. But it’s a coated paper – coated to allow the eye to appreciate beautiful, lifelike images and to revel in a superb reading experience

raw hero image book

Raw has a unique customer benefit – it is a coated paper that combines two until-now impossibly simultaneous sensory experiences in one.

This is a paper like none other – a paper that can talk to a reader’s fingers of natural texture even as it speaks to the reader’s eyes of gorgeous layers and depths.

As the examples above show, for brands, Raw also combines the natural whiteness and high bulk of an uncoated paper with the reliability and print performance of a coated paper.

With Raw, it’s the start of a whole new journey. 

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“Raw looks incredible. My suppliers had let me know right from the very start just how happy they were with the printing.”

Clint Maxwell, Print Production Manager at La Prairie Group AG

“We are absolutely thrilled with the exceptional quality of the raw paper supply”


"The depth of colour enhances the product images. Sappi Raw is a paper that gives results like none other, ensuring a premium solution for every industry."

Ashok Hingrajiya, CEO of Plus Offset


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